Have you an idea or need for a map? A question that starts with “Where…”? Data that needs to be restructured or analysed?

Digital Nature delivers award-winning geospatial data, GIS and IT solutions…

Geospatial Data

  • Preparation
  • Transformation
  • Validation
  • Storage
  • Analysis


  • Digitization
  • Processing
  • Mapping
  • Visualization
  • Reporting


  • System Scoping, Design
  • Software Development
  • Database Implementation
  • Installation, Configuration
  • Documentation, Training

Digital Nature engineers quality software-based solutions using GIS technologies and techniques driven by your requirements and your environment. Extensive automation of workflows helps ensure scientific rigour, rapid turn-around time on refinements, and repeatability. Complementary datasets can be introduced to help enrich the insights gained. Interactive visualizations can be developed.

Digital Nature is based in Ireland and has particular experience with Irish and European datasets in the environmental, biodiversity and sustainability domains.

From Data…

  • Earth-monitoring satellite data
  • Habitat surveys, Wildlife sightings
  • Green Infrastructure
  • Light pollution
  • Census Data
  • Building Energy Ratings, Energy Infrastructure
  • Housing, Amenity, Business locations
  • Road, Footpath, Cycleway infrastructure
  • Administrative Boundaries

…to Insight

  • Static and Interactive Maps
  • Static and Interactive Graphs
  • Geospatial Statistics
  • Animations and visualizations
  • Validation Reports
  • Collated Datasets, Databases
  • Geospatially valid Shapefiles, GeoJson
  • Web Site, Web Page, PDF Reports
  • Permeability Analyses