1 Welcome

Welcome to this exploration of data about Clane, County Kildare in Ireland.

Data of particular relevance to Clane has been gathered from a variety of online sources and filtered, processed, merged and plotted or mapped as appropriate.

Sources of the data include state organisations such as the Central Statistics Office and the National Parks and Wildlife Service, and volunteer-driven organisations such as OpenStreetMap (which has a dedicated Irish Community). Only data that has been made freely available is included.

Many of the visualisations are interactive and can be “zoomed in,” made full screen, or have layers turned on or off. Hovering over an item can reveal its name or precise nature. Clicking or tapping on a map may reveal the data for that location.

The font sizes and colour scheme of this website can be adjusted using the toolbar at the top of this page.

This exploration will be expanded over time. If you are aware of other freely available information that may be useful to add, or are interested in a similar compendium being compiled for other locations in Ireland, please contact Digital Nature. The email address is info@digitalnature.ie.

Figure 1.1: The area of focus for this exploration