Exploring Data: All About Clane

The breadth of data published online is growing all the time, but it can be challenging to filter, process, combine and visualise in a way that the most valuable insights are revealed.

Digital Nature is delighted to demonstrate some of the insights that can be revealed from freely available information….using our local community – Clane in County Kildare – as an example.

First off we explore the nature of the Population of Clane and provide answers to questions such as

Population Density as per CSO Small Areas using Hex Bins
Population Density of Clane as per CSO Small Areas using Hex Bins
  • How many people live in the area?
  • Where do they live?
  • How does the population density vary across Clane?
  • What is the age profile of the population?
  • How does the age profile of Clane differ to the national age profile?

This type of analysis can help inform investment priorities for school and medical facilities, infrastructure providers, community groups, sports organizations and businesses.

A similar analysis could be performed for any location in Ireland, and more specific questions can be explored in depth.

We look forward to extending this analysis over time. If you have suggestions for future topics to explore, or any follow-on questions please Contact Digital Nature.